What To Wear For Your Next Photography Session

What to wear for a photography session can be very overwhelming, I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be! Today I am sharing just a few tips for your next photography session.


Think Location.

First think of your location. Where will you be shooting, in the woods, at the beach? Think about the colors of your location. As you can see during our evening family session, I chose to stick with soft neutral tones that blended very well against the greenery and stones from the falls.

These neutrals tones are game changers for any location!

Neutrals are always an easy fit. White, grey, beige, navy, and even some light blues and pinks are sure winners. Blending these colors together makes for an even greater look! The only thing you DON’T want to do, is match everyone in the same color. The contrast and the blend of colors makes for a beautiful photo.



Pattern or Prints? This can be tricky. I usually like to look at the texture of an outfit as my overall decision factor over pattern or prints as many patterns and prints may be overpowering and distracting. If your taking family photos you want to blend not stick out. If you are about to do a maternity session, you want to capture your beautiful growing bump with clarity and softness.

Finally, take another look at our family photos, we look like we are dressed up for say maybe a wedding? Well that’s right! I recommend going outside the box and dressing it up! Although a more casual dressed up look can be a perfect hit too! Just steer clear from changing your make-up routine, stick to what you know and love!




"Don't over think it!"

Photos captured by Jocelyn Vassos, Berkshire Love Bird Studio